Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glossy Black Hair Secrets Jessie J

Glossy Black Hair Secrets Jessie J

One day, actress Diane Kruger is telling the truth to Jessie J., British singer, who was still considered a newcomer. The actress said that he had always wondered if hair Jessie J. it's real or a wig.

Jessie himself not offended to hear that statement. In fact, he replied by calling her hair as "Lego helmet hair".

Nothing wrong if a singer born 27 March 1988 to equate hair with a Lego head. The puppets in this legendary game series does have a head adorned with a shiny jet-black hair with a piece of stiff. Hair exactly Jessie J.

So what can make hair healthy glow? The singer who will perform at the Ponds Teens Concert in Jakarta, March 18, 2012 is not shy to share a secret.

Monday, February 20, 2012

About Hair Loss

About Hair Loss. Each hair loss, more than 10% hair loss at any time and may be called abnormal hair loss and may require special care or treatment. Hair loss can occur due to dry hair is one of the following:

• Side effects of drugs
• Abnormal hormone levels
• Infection of the scalp
• Genetic reasons

Hair problem due to unexpected errors such as the use of medication, abnormal hormone levels or infection of the scalp, can actually be treated. The most difficult and common problem is dealing with baldness. Male or female in which the hair grows only in the temples of the head and forehead.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

8 Tips for hair growth

The following are tips for your hair can grow lush and beautiful

1. Reduce or stop smoking, caffeine and soda that can inhibit hair growth maximum.

2. Choose a healthy diet, avoid foods that are high fat or sugar.

3. Treat your hair like an old rope. Treat with caution and not too frequent combing or holding the hair.

4. Avoid using hot water, hair dryer that is too hot or other tools that can make hair become stressed.

5. Do not forget to exercise

6. Perform routine maintenance such as cream bath every two weeks or a hair spa

7. Cut the ends of hair regularly to avoid branching

8. Adequate rest, so the fertile body hair